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The catechumenal institution was profoundly transformed; a two-stage formative path replaced the earlier demanding formation. The first was a preparation of some years not infrequently until death of evangelization. Egypt Map This formation was catechetical, via the Sunday homily during the eucharistic celebration, from which catechumens were dismissed at the end of the liturgy of the Word. The phase of conversion and entry into the faith was clearly reduced over time for the catechumenatediscipleship. One who desired baptism gave his name to be enrolled by the bishop in the church’s register in the West, nomendatio; in the East, onomatographia: this corresponds to the 3rd-c. rite of admission. Egeria 4th c. notes at Jerusalem an examination of candidates’ moral conduct by the bishop, involving their neighbors Eger., Peregr., ch. 45. Those enrolled for baptism are called illuminandi in the East, competentes i.e., those who petition together or proceed together or electi in the West. The second step, more circumscribed and decisive, provided for a brief but intense period of formation, during Lent, of those enrolled for baptism. It included a prominent catechetical dimension, with apposite catecheses, complemented by the common Lenten homilies. The scripturally based instruction conveyed a moral-dogmatic catechesis, and not infrequently the explanation of the Our FatherLord’s Prayer, as initiation to prayer see S. Sabugal, Il Padrenostro nella catechesi antica e moderna, Rome 1994.

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