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Sometime between 345 and 348, the Catholic bishops of the African provinces met at Carthage under the presidency of Bishop Gratus, Caecilian’s successor. Ecuador Metro Map They rejoiced at what they thought was the end of the Donatist schism the emperor Constans had decreed the enforcement of the law of 316, ordering that schismatic communities be dissolved, their property handed over to the Catholics and recalcitrants exiled and issued several disciplinary regulations. Some of these concerned Donatism: forbidding rebaptism of heretics and schismatics who returned to the church can. 1, or the honoring of suicides as martyrs can. 2. To raise the moral level of the clergy, the Fathers impressed on them the obligation of chastity cans. 3-4, stability cans. 5 and 7 and disinterest cans. 5, 8-9, 13. They asked bishops not to usurp their neighbors’ rights but to respect their commitments, esp. concerning the dividing up of places contested between different dioceses cans. 10 and 12.

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