East Timor Country

East Timor Country on We have mapped them aIl. No doubt Conrad is speaking figuratively when he speaks of Sulaco as a real place only he had discovered, but the figure is solemnly, if ironically, with a straight face, kept up through the whole of the Author’s Note. Conrad speaks ofhis fear that he might, as he says, lose myself in the ever-enlarging vistas opening before me as 1 progressed deeper in my knowledge of the country (Note, 4). A moment later, the trope defining the writing of the novel as the record of a discovery, not an invention, is given an extravagant and ostentatious expression. It is compared to what everyone knows is a hyperbolicaIly f~mtastic work of fiction, a parody of early travel books, that is, Gulliver’s Travels. Conrad speaks, no doubt ironically, half-jokingly, and, as he says, figuratively (Note, 4), ofhis two years’ absorption in writing Nostromo as his absence in that imaginary country: cc my sojourn on the Continent of Latin America, famed for its hospitality, lasted for about two years. On my return 1 found (speaking somewhat in the style of Captain Gulliver) my family aIl weIl, my wife heartily glad to learn that the fuss was aIl over, and our small boy considerably grown during my absence (Note, 4). East Timor Country 2016.

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