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Durban Map Tourist Attractions on Melody heard the shower running as Cooley marched her into the bathroom off the master bedroom. There, she saw her mother’s nude inert body sprawled on the floor of the shower stall. When she did not move, Cooley grabbed his wife’s hair with both hands, dragged her out of the shower, and banged her head twice against the floor. Laughing, Cooley stormed out of the room. Melody tried to revive her mother with cold water, but although I could hear a rattling noise in her throat when she breathed, the woman was unconscious. Cooley returned, said, We’ll just see if you’re dead, and repeatedly stomped his wife on the stomach, then burned the woman’s breasts with a lighted cigarette. According to the stunned teenager, her father said, You’re going to watch me kill her, Melody. Durban Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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