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Dundgovi Travel on The extended historical episode of imperialism at once established, reinforced, and undermined the role of national boundaries in containing and organizing the relations of capital to labor. Crucial to establishing the links between imperialism and the global patterning of labor were theories of monopoly, organized, or finance capitalism that emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century. In important but differing ways, both Rudolf Hilferding (1981) and Vladimir Ilich Lenin (1975) argued thatthe role of banking and investment in the creation of national trusts and monopolies (they primarily had Central European economies in view) was inseparable from the internationalization of capital. Lenin famously contended that the characteristic feature of imperialism is not industrial but finance capital (i975) 109). He linked the growing prevalence of finance capital to the production of what he called the actual division of the world (79). This involved not just the capitalist annexation of agrarian or noncapitalist areas but expansion into areas where capitalist industry was already established. Importantly, Lenin contrasted the actual division of the world, which is established in proportion to capital, to the way that capital exporting countries have divided the world among themselves in the figurative sense of the term (79)”that is, territorially. Dundgovi Travel 2016.

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