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Dubai Map on On the homefront, John and Sharon Holmes continued to live together. In 1974, Sharon be – came the resident manager of a ten-unit cabana style apartment complex in Glendale owned by the doctor for whom she worked. The couple lived rent-free in an adjacent house on the property and Holmes served as a combination handyman- gardener when not appearing before the camera. Two years later, 15-year-old Dawn Schil – ler arrived at the Glendale complex in the company of her younger sister and recently divorced father. Holmes, 31, was taken with the teen and began showering her with gifts. After her family decided to move on, Schiller moved in with Holmes’ halfbrother David, and his wife, Karen, who also lived in the complex. Unfettered by any physical attachment to Sharon, the porn star made love to the smitten teenager. Dubai Map 2016.

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