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Dornod Travel on Although he questionably remarks that this was due to the social homogeneity of Argentina, exceptional in the Latin American context (190), he shifts his theoretical apparatus across a wide range of contexts precisely to explain how populism manages the differences that cross the social field. These tendencies are even more pronounced vsxHegemony and Socialist Strategy (2001), the influential work penned by Laclau and Mouffe. In the previous chapter we discussed how Laclau and Mouffe’s reengineering of the concept of hegemony is haunted by the state and the party. Their development of the concept of articulation is an attempt to formulate a discursive approach to the openness of the social. Renouncing the view that a discursive structure is merely a cognitive entity, Laclau and Mouffe understand discourse as an articulatory practice which constitutes and organizes social relations. In advanced industrial societies, they locate a fundamental asymmetry between a growing proliferation of differences”a surplus of meaning of the social’”and the difficulties encountered by any discourse attempting to fix those differences as moments of a stable articulatory structure (Laclau and Mouffe 2001, 96). They thus face the problem of where this proliferation of differences stops or at least rests. Dornod Travel 2016.

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