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Dong Thap Travel on The whole theory is that the possibility of exceptional reward inspires people to make exceptional effort. Similarly, capitalism virtually ensures constant change. The market is not wedded to the present. Its demands and desires can shift. The economist Joseph Schumpeter (18831950) called this process creative destruction. At its best, it improves people’s well-being. But sometimes the constant change leads to economic and social instability”financial panics, depressions, and industrial and agricultural displacement. Dong Thap Travel 2016.

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One feels connected to others as one influences them. The emphasis on the self, action, and goal achievement encourages analysis of situations into parts and logical strategies to achieve goals as opposed to holistic forms of thought. This model is thought to have developed from Greek civilization that centers on the importance of the individual, personal agency, careful, logical analysis of situations into separate parts, but was eclipsed until the religious Reformation in Germanyand England and the changes of the Industrial Revolution emphasizing the importance of the individual and personal choice and action. The model has been reinforced in pioneer groups who have settled new countries that require individuals to be self-directed and self-sufficient. In the independent model, parents nurture infants but from the earliest days encourage autonomy by having babies play and sleep alone.

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