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Dominica Country on To have jilted Lily proves his lack of integrity. A COUNTER EXAMPlE The London episodes of Madalina Demolines, Conway Dalrymple, and the Dobbs Broughtons provide a counter example helping to define the role of genuine loving as both subversion and renewal of the Barset community. The London episodes are interleaved with the Barsetshire ones, with abrupt discontinuous breaks between chapters or weekly parts that signal the shift from one storyline to the other. This alternation-without-transition forms the rhythm of The Last Chronicle’s narration. The early reviewers, and perhaps many modern readers too, have found the London episodes unpleasant Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Victorian Community 79 and unnecessary. According to the unsigned notice in the Athenaeum of August 3, 1867, Miss Clara van Siever, Madalina Demolines, with the two old harridans, their mothers, Musselborough, Bangles, Dobbs Broughton and Mrs. Dobbs Broughton, even Conway himself: and aIl the story of the mock loves of Madalina and MIs. Dominica Country 2016.

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