Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Kidani Village

Dare To Dream At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge If Florida

Jungle Booked Dare to dream at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge If Florida, the All-American epicenter of summer fun, is on your vacay to-do list for the next few months, then go out on a limb and commence to indulge where the wild things are – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Kidani Village. Because “wild” is relative, in this instance, it’s meant in the most well-designed and entertaining way possible.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Kidani Village Photo Gallery

Check-in to this culturally decadent property and be prepared to experience authentic South African swagger with influences directly from the locale of inspiration.

Though “child’s play” readily rings when mentioning Disney, this well-appointed deluxe property is swanked with amazing original art from the continent and details that will seemingly place you in the likes of authentic South African lodges, like the ultra-fabulous Camp Jubulani. Each of the thoughtfully staged suites face the courtyard, where instead of a pool, guest’s gazes will feast upon an African Savannah, full with ostriches, zebra, giraffe, cows and more. Still not convinced that your girlfriends getaway might not mesh well here?

A glass of wine, from the largest South African collection of wine in the United States, might help to soothe your woes. Check-in, check it out and send us a postcard. Or better yet, one of those bottles!

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