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Discount trips to hawaii on In one particularly vivid delusion, McLarty believed satellites were being used to keep track of him. Both the man’s wife and son testified for the defense portraying McLarty as a delusional paranoid constantly high on coke. In 2004, he was hospitalized with mental health problems. The stuntman had also killed a man a few years earlier, but was not charged when it was ruled self-defense. Ronald Duffy Hambleton, a recovering meth amphetamine addict, promised to be a more compelling witness for the prosecution. Hambleton, 68 and suffering from leukemia, knew Blake from his stunt work on Baretta. In March 2001, the two men were reunited by a mutual friend who informed the stuntman Blake might have a role for him in a movie about dirt bike racing he was planning to produce. Discount trips to hawaii 2016.

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