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Diourbel Travel on He adds that one of the missions of area studies, which was established during and after the war, was to disavow this crisis of ideological warfare for the United States and create the myth that the United States had constantly occupied the position of universalism (Calichman and Kim 2010, 225). This myth assumed the material and political form of the Allied occupation of Japan following the war. In her book Borderline Japan, Tessa Morris-Suzuki recounts how U.S. forces and their families freely came and went from Japan under the occupation and continue to be exempt from Japanese, migration controls and alien registration to the present day under an agreement signed in 1952. This contrasts strongly with the fate of Koreans and Taiwanese in Japan who, at this same point in time, lost the Japanese nationality they held during the imperial era and the U.S. Diourbel Travel 2016.

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