Dialogue Of A Montanist With An Orthodox

Written ca. The end of the 4th c., perhaps at Antioch Ficker, Alexandria de Labriolle or, according to a recent hypothesis, in a Cappadocian context Cavalcanti, the Dialogue is a work of antiheretical propaganda in which two characters, identified only as an orthodox and a Montanist, debate a series of problems that had emerged in the course of the controversy between the sect founded by Montanus and the Catholic Church. Discussed in five sections enriched with many Pauline and Johannine passages are the pericope of 1 Cor 13 I, the existence of prophecy after Christ II, trinitarian doctrine III, the Paraclete IV and the prophetic power of women V.Its purpose is clearly polemical: the orthodox reduces his adversary to silence, basically accusing him of professing a monarchian doctrine, of believing that Montanus possessed the fullness of the Holy Spirit and of permitting women to dishonor the Lord by writing sacred books.


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