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Detroit Subway Map on Cavlar died at Brooklyn Hospital Center. One anonymous web poster to the Save Brooklyn Now blog wrote, [Cavlar ran across the same type of individual that he himself was Caux 58 and he got caught with a sandwich instead of a gun in his hand. Don’t get it twisted, it could easily have been the other three people who approached him that could’ve been left on the ground. Tragically, Nancy Williams, a 27-year-old mother of three, was fatally shot on March 30, 2008, while handing out In Remembrance of Cavlar buttons at a makeshift memorial and Irish wake for the murdered rapper in an outside courtyard in his Bed-Stuy neighborhood. The woman was struck when a lone gunman aimlessly fired 12 shots from an automatic weapon through the yards behind the Bedford Stuyvesant Garden Houses, a housing complex, into the public gathering. To date, no arrests have been made in either case. Further Reading Louis, Errol. Detroit Subway Map 2016.

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