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Destinations vacations on Therefore, for us to have bought the low of bar 7 would have been in defiance of this bear block development. So yes, it can sometimes prove beneficial to have missed an entry on first go: instead of being positioned in a noncompliant trade, we are offered a chance to re-evaluate the situation from the safety of the sidelines. (In the long run, of course, missing our breaks will surely backfire.) But this then brings up another issue. What to do in bar 7 when already in position on the initial break above bar 4? After all, by declining entry in bar 7, we basically suggest that the original bull wager above bar 4 had lost validity. And that implies that we should have scratched the trade below bar 6. Frankly, that may indeed have been a valid option, but we will look at this in more detail in Chapter 6 on Manual Exits. Destinations vacations 2016.

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