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Dependencias Federales Travel on During its life, AT&T has gone through multiple MONOPOLY and competitive phases. Before 1894, Bell Telephone’s patents protected it from competition. After Bell’s patents expired in 1894 many telephone companies began to provide telephone service particularly in the rural areas and Bell’s profits dropped drastically. The number of telephones exploded from approximately 266,000 in 1893 to 6.1 million in 1907, and about half of all new telephone installations were controlled by Bell’s competitors. In 1907, AT&T’s president wrote in the annual report that the telephone, by the nature of its technology, would operate most efficiently as a monopoly. While independent companies provided the first service available to many customers, the multiple telephone systems were not interconnected until after the 1913 Kingsbury Commitment. Dependencias Federales Travel 2016.

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