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Denguele Travel on Investigating the historical origins of this term and surveying the political, economic, and analytical uses to which it has been put, we argue that heterogenization of global space throws into question any understanding of the division of labor that reflects a mapping of the world as a series of discrete territories. The concept of the multiplication of labor is proposed from within an analysis of the contemporary transitions of capital. Focusing oh how the current patterning of the world corresponds to a deep heterogeneity in the composition of living labor, chapter 4 explores the borders that connect and divide two particularly significant subjective figures of contemporary labor, namely, the care worker and the financial trader. This leads us not only to provide a specific angle on the widely discussed topics of the feminization of labor (as well as migration) and the financialization of capitalism but also to question the talcen-for-granted nature of the division between skilled and unskilled labor and in particular the role it plays in migration studies and policies. Chapter 5 continues this line of questioning, placing an emphasis on the temporal aspects of methods of border policing and labor control. Here we introduce the concept of differential inclusion and draw parallels between more and less disciplinary ways of filtering and governing labor mobilities. These include the strategies of delay and withdrawal used to force up the price of labor in the body shop system for the transnational mobility of Indian it workers (Xiang 2006) and the more violent forms of temporal bordering enforced in migrant detention centers, such as those on the external frontiers of the eu or on Australia’s remote islands and desert territories. Denguele Travel 2016.

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