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Deals travel on Yallop, David A. The Day the Laughter Stopped: The True Story of Fatty Arbuckle. New York: St. Martin’s, 1976. Young, Robert. Deals travel 2016.

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The dockside shore cranes were generally used around Britain and Europe, and this meant the working stress in port was much less. The only time we used the ship’s derricks was when we loaded from barges at anchorage, which was usually the case for dangerous cargoes when the port authorities wanted to keep us away from the population mass. We were due to take explosives on board in Southend and that would be carried out at anchor, well clear of populated areas. We also had a loading superintendent travelling with us who worked with the first mate to make us that the outbound cargo was loaded according to the loading plan produced by Head Office. This was different from the main deep sea voyages, when all the loading and discharging plans had to be worked out by the first mate personally.

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