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Deals for hawaii on A few things are worthy of attention, though. On the time axis, note the very small stretch between 1 5:00 and 1 9 : 00: only a few bars got printed in four hours time. While the futures market may still be open after the close of the underlying Dow Index ( 1 6:00) , these after-market hours are traded very thinly and follow-through is not likely to be substantial. Should you have been in position from above the 1 -2 buildup, always a defensible call is to grab profits into the regular close at 1 6:00, or thereabouts; and particularly when this coincides with a touch on a conspicuous round number or technical resistance of sorts. The tall bars within the 3-F arch may give off an impression of strong after-hours activity, but if we consider the time in which this took place, it is basically an optical illusion brought about by the tick frame setting. It is interesting to see, though, that even in the after-hours, price action mechanics do remain active, as can be derived from the false break at F. It is very interesting to note also that by plotting tick bars instead of time frame bars, price action on a faster frame still remains pleasantly compressed and visibly tangible, even when building up a pattern from one session to the next. Deals for hawaii 2016.

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