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Darien Travel on Leto in Greece is very much in the background, and never became one of the Olympian pantheon. Then again, Olen, who as we saw (p. 77 above) composed the hymns for the Delians which were their authority for honouring the memory of the Hyperborean maidens, was a Lycian, a point which Herodotus repeats, saying a few lines further on that he came from Lycia. Pausanias calls him in one place (v, 7, 8) a Lycian, saying at the same time that he was the first to affirm the existence of Hyperboreans, and in another (x> 5> 4) a Hyperborean himself. In discussing the Hyperboreans we saw how they tended to shift towards the East, and in the mysterious figure of Olen we actually seem to have a contact between the Hyperboreans and Lycia, though admittedly it only seems to be achieved by means of contradictory statements on the part of our authorities. Support for the Asiatic origin of Apollo is found in the fact that at most of his great cult-centres on the mainland of Greece he appears as an intruder. At Delphi the Greeks recognized this themselves, at other places there is clear evidence that he has taken over the worship previously paid to another god. Darien Travel 2016.

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