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Damman Metro Map on 3000, the value of a full contract is 100,000 x 1 .30 = $ 130,000. If the rate goes up 1 00 pip, it will stand at 1 .3 1 00 and the contract now represents a value of $ 1 3 1 ,000. From this we can derive that on a jiLll eur/usd contract, 1 pip equals $ 1 0, regardless of the current rate. The stop factor is key in the computation of units. It is derived as follows. Damman Metro Map 2016.

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We arrived in Durban after a second round trip of the Far East, and were told to go to the anchorage again for an estimated ten days. We also received notification that virtually the entire officer complement and crew were being relieved when we berthed. We celebrated with a massive party; for us the trip was over, a few days idling at anchor before we went alongside to hand over the ship for others to do the cargo work. The stewards were livid because passengers traditionally tipped when they left the ship and the current passenger crop was due to depart in Cape Town. This meant that the new stewards, who by that time would have been on board for two or three weeks, would get all the tips.

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