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Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Map on Crane, however, was still technically married to a woman in Indiana from whom he had obtained a divorce less than a year earlier. Embarrassed, pregnant, and illegally married to a bigamist in the eyes of the law, Turner had the union annulled on February 4, 1943. The couple legally remarried on March 14, 1943 and some five months later their only child, Cheryl Christina Crane, was born in Hollywood on July 25, 1943. The marriage limped along for a year before ending in divorce on August 21, 1944. Lacking any natural instinct for mothering, Turner abdicated the raising of her daughter to a series of nannies and her own mother (known to the child as Gran). More interested in her career and sex life than in providing a stable emotional atmosphere for her child, Turner paraded a string of star lovers like Tyrone Power, Turhan Bey, Fernando Lamas, and numerous others through their home. The star instructed her daughter to refer to her ever changing cast of sex partners as Uncles or mother’s gentlemen friends. Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Map 2016.

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