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Dallas/Fort Worth Map on Moody, withdrawn, and painfully underweight, Christian vented his anger Brando 44 by physically lashing out against animals, his mother, and classmates. Like many children of divorce, Christian learned to manipulate circumstances to his advantage. Undisciplined and un – ruly around everyone except his father, Christian was always on his best behavior around Brando. In 1974, Kashfi cancelled her final lawsuit against her ex-husband claiming he was cooperating in visitation rights. From that time forward, Marlon Brando loosely supervised his son with mixed results. Even the actor, however, ultimately realized his teenaged son had problems with drugs and alcohol. Refusing to confront the problem directly, Brando told Christian that while he disapproved of the behaviors, he should at least confine them to binging on days he was visiting the house on Mulholland. Dallas/Fort Worth Map 2016.

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