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Dalian Map on If you accept a trade like this, it is essential to do so with always a good eye on the round number response. A pleasant thing about these type of entries, though, is that the level may initially work as a favorable magnet, which will have the trade already a few pip in the plus on impact. If so, this generally means that there is a somewhat better 404 Chapter I I Adapting to Low Volatility chance of getting out with minimal damage, or even unscathed, should the trade fall apart and need to be scratched. But do be mindful not to use this prospect as an excuse for accepting entries of dubious quality. Even the US Open at 15:30 failed to bring life to this market, such can be the extent of trader absence in a noncompliant environment; if not already out before, eventually this short had to be exited, either above bar 5 on a re-break of the 20-level (after buildup and a false low in bar 5), or else above bar 6. Figure 1 1 .7 When the market is a little more lively, a flag pattern can make for a nice setup, too, but very essential is to consider the extent of buildup prior to the break, as well as the distance from entry to the nearest 20-level opposition. Dalian Map 2016.

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