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Dalarna Travel on As a member of the UNITED NATIONS, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, WORLD BANK, and other international institutions, Armenia had a population of 3.3 million people in 2001 and a GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) of $11.2 billion. BIBLIOGRAPHY. The Department of State Background Note, www.state.gov; CIA World Factbook (2002); Armenia, A Country Study, The Library of Congress, lcweb2. Dalarna Travel 2016.

Parents and teachers decrease prejudice and discrimination by increasing crossgroup interactions with peers, increasing adult-child conversations at home and at school about group differences and fairness, and by attending to children’s cognitive, social, and moral reasoning. Having increased contact with peers of different ethnic and cultural groups promotes greater understanding among group members and reduces prejudice. Joining in activities of common interest like hiking, swimming, or music increases understanding, and working on cooperative activities to achieve a common goal promotes positive behaviors and friendships with partners that, in turn, reduce prejudice. Even hearing about cross-group friendships between someone in your group and the outgroup can reduce prejudice. Parents at home and teachers at school can provide information about differences among groups to promote understanding of the history, values, and special difficulties of each group.

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