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Dakar Travel on The current proliferation of free trade and special economic zones, technology parks, and offshore enclaves (Easterling 2008) finds one of its most important precedents in such borderscapes. Ports have been historical holding zones where a multiplicity of techniques for filtering and surveying movements of people and things have been invented and refined, from the migration processing systems that evolved at sites like EEis Island to methods of quarantine inspection and isolation. As enclaves for the harboring of ships, ports were also peculiar legal spaces where different juridical orders came into interaction. In the fifteenth . and sixteenth centuries, when the first modern empires were emerging, the ship was organized around the legal authority of the captain, who assumed an absolute power analogous to that of a monarch. As Lauren Benton explains, ships played a dual role as sources of order in the oceans: they were islands of law with their own regulations and judicial personnel, and they were representatives of municipal’ legal authorities”vectors of crown law thrusting into ocean space (Benton 2005, 704). The discontinuous legal seascape resulting from the movements of these floating islands and from the projection of the territorial law of European monarchies across the oceans anticipated the peculiar relationship of modern empires with territory. Dakar Travel 2016.

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