CYPRIAN of Toulon

Born at Marseille or Arles ca. 475, he was a pupil and follower of Caesarius of Arles. As bishop of Touloun he took part in numerous Gallican councils from that of Arles of 524 to that of Orlans of 541, in which questions regarding grace and predestination were discussed. On Caesarius’s death he was commissioned with the writing of his biography by Caesaria, second abbess of the female monastery founded by Caesarius at Arles. The work, in two books, one of the most important products of Gallican hagiography, was written with the help of collaborators the two bishops Firminus and Viventius, the presbyter Messianus and the deacon Stephen but displays a unitary plan and a solid structural harmony. Cyprian is also author of a letter to Maxim, bishop of Geneva, in which he defends himself against the charge of theopaschism. He died before 549 date of the Council of Orlans, in which his successor Palladius participated. Venerated as a saint and copatron of the city of Touloun, his feast is 3 October.

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