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Culebra Travel on [jAsi va ello! Canonize, Berganza, canonize the accursed plague of backbiting [murmuraci6n, and give it whatever name you please; it will cause us to be called cynics, which is the same as calling us backbiting dogs (661267). The cynics were a philosophical sect in ancient Greece founded by Antisthenes of Athens, who believed self-control to be the only means of achieving virtue. A cynic is someone who believes all men are motivated by selfishness, which the people in Berganza’s stories in The Dogs’ Colloquy certainly, for the most part, are. The word cynic cornes from Latin cynicus, from Greek kunikos, doglike, currish, or, one might even dare to say, given to backbiting. On top of an that mlange of genres, as if that were not enough, The Dogs’ Colloquy is the story of a metamorphosis. It is modeled on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, or, more closely, on Apuleius’s The Golden Ass. The dogs may be human beings who have been metamorphosed into dogs by witchcraft, by malign enchantment. Culebra Travel 2016.

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