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Criuleni Travel on This was the time when scientists first turned their attention to the reports of travellers among the savage races of Africa, Oceania and America, and somewhat later of Australia, whose tribes provided especially valuable examples of some of the most backward cultures known. As the anthropological field was widened, so the religions of these uncivilized peoples came more and more to attract (one might almost say to monopolize) attention. As archaeology also progressed, the two combined to dominate the study of Greek as of all religion, but for some time anthropology (and the comparative method which made it possible to apply the results of anthropology to the religion of a highly developed people like the Greeks) held almost undisputed sway. Looking back over a century or so of this work, one is inclined to make two comments. The task which the religious historians had set themselves was to find out what might be the central and original impulse behind all religion, that in men’s hearts or their surroundings which first brought them to a belief in higher beings to whom their reverence was due, or whose power at least must be acknowledged. Our first observation is that in the series of successive theories which this inquiry called forth, we can see something like the historical succession of religions, only in the reverse order. That is simply because the more highly developed peoples were the more easily accessible and the first to be studied. Criuleni Travel 2016.

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