Credit Cards – Avoid The 3% International Currency Exchange Fee in Thailand

Most people don’t think about it but almost all credit card companies charge 2% – 3% international currency exchange fee for purchases in a different currency. The worst thing about it is they often don’t bill you for 30 days afterward, so you get hit with all of them, at once, out of nowhere. Luckily, if you do your research you’ll find credit cards with no foreigntransaction fees. I use the Capital One Venture One card, which has zero foreign fees and no annual fee, making it the perfect travel card.

Credit Cards – Avoid The 3% International Currency Exchange Fee in Thailand Photo Gallery

You won’t use your credit card too often in Thailand – as most places take cash – but it’s perfect for my bloging flights and hotels while in Asia. For Visa Runs I’ll my blog a cheap flight and check out a neighboring country for a few days. I’ve made short trips to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Singapore to watch a MMA fight, Bali to spend New Year’s Eve and the Philippines to go trekking in the rice fields. Often, you can get return airfare through budget airlines (such as Air Asia) for less than $120US – if you my blog ahead of time.

By using a credit card with no foreign-transaction fees, you’ll save $5-$10 each time you my blog a hotel or flight while in Asia. I’ve also used my credit card to my blog an international return flight from Thailand to the US and back, for close to $1,500 US which would have cost me an additional $45US if I had used another credit card. If you live outside of the US do a quick Google search for which credit cards in your country don’t charge foreign-transaction fees. Again, it’s a good idea to have (at least) two credit cards while traveling, as you can either lose one or easily get ‘locked out’ of one while traveling. I always call my credit card companies ahead of time (before I leave home) to tell them I’ll be traveling for three months. Often they’ll make a note on your account but it’s not a perfect system – as there’s a 50% chance they’ll still lock you out – so, make sure you have a backup or two.

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