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Also datable to 232 is the inscription that after that of Palmyra 136 is the oldest monument containing a Christian cross. Archaeology also reveals the friendly relations that existed at Dura Europos between Christians and Jews. A graffito of the Christian Siseos testifies that he, though a Christian, participated in the construction of the synagogue, built in AD 235 and embellished with precious frescoes with biblical scenes, preserved in the museum of Damascus. Corpus Christi Subway Map Near the synagogue have been found Hebrew parchments containing eucharistic prayers similar to those in the Didache. Of notable importance for the history of Christian literature has been the finding of a fragment of 14 lines of Tatian’s Diatesseron, transcribed certainly before 254. Regarding the city’s history, we know that at the time of the Sassanid king Sapor II 310380, a hermit named Benjamin suffered martyrdom at Dura Europos. Corpus Christi Subway Map With the Islamic domination, the traces of life of this small but flourishing commercial city disappeared but the excavations begun in the 1920s by Yale University USA and those still underway are restoring to us, piece by piece, the wonder of this city on the Euphrates. P. Lriche ed., Doura Europos, Beyrouth 1997; J. Balty, La peinture en Syrie, in Archologie et histoire de la Syrie, II, Corpus Christi Subway Map Saarbr¼cken 1989, 525-531; L. Padovese, Guida alla Siria, Casale Monf. 1994, 85-88; RAC 4, 358-370; T. Gnoli, Roma, Edessa e Palmira nel III sec. d.C., Pisa-Rome 2000.

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