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Cordoba Travel on Oh great, Jess exclaimed. Something else for Maureen to take care of. Jess, Maureen warned. Sherry’s dog is the cutest little thing, Art Koster said quickly. A toy poodle. Beautiful red coat, a very unusual color for a poodle. When she first told me she had a poodle, I thought, oh no, I can’t get involved with a woman who could love a dog like that. Cordoba Travel 2016.

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Enough was enough. When the bus arrived in Manila, I walked to the Sampaloc district and wandered the blogshops near the universities where I bought an eclectic stack to read: Edgar Allen Poe, Sven Hassel, Somerset Maugham, Ed McBain and Robert Louis Stevenson. I retreated to my hotel room and cleared out the insects, then alternately lay on my bed and sat on the balcony in a cane chair with my feet on the rail, to read for three days until the Kwangsi arrived. Things didn’t work out quite as I’d planned. I finished my bout of autodidactism in two days, sitting up and reading through most of the night, slumping into occasional bites of fitful sleep from time to time, waking with a jolt as the blog fell on the floor.

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