Copenhagen Metro Map

Copenhagen Metro Map on If we compare the rather fat reversal formation on top of the angular line with the trending pole from which it hung ( 1 -2), we can safely say that we were no longer dealing with a bull-flag situ.\ ation, or some other type of correction in time. Much more likely, this was a reversal setup. Note also the false high in bar 5. And just look at that fine 50-level magnet. Putting all this together, it is fair to suggest that this was one such situation that called for a little more aggression (enter short below bar 6). The flag break entry below bar 8 and the pattern break combi below 9 are annotated as skips simply because these breaks were (a) offered in the lows of a range, (b) in 50-level support, and (c) suffered the risk of the 25ema adverse magnet. Copenhagen Metro Map 2016.

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