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Coolest family vacations on Understandably, when not in on these surges from the start, conservative players may have little alternative but to idly watch from the sidelines how others feast away on the event. Therefore, we can imagine plenty of bulls to have felt the sweet tingle of hope when finally a correction set in with still some hours to go in the US session. Points of interest: Ironically, the more parties lying in wait to trade a pullback reversal, the less likely the actual turning point will set itself up in nondebatable fashion. Not uncommonly, CUlprit number one is the fear of missing out, which is known to trick traders .into abandoning their natural caution and pick their entries all over the place. But this can come with quick regret should the anticipated turn fail to materialize. And as these early-bird traders watch in horror how their tight stops get triggered one after the other, this will make it all the more interesting to those still waiting on the sidelines. Coolest family vacations 2016.

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