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Cook Islands Map on I set up the chart with a 200-tick frame but it merely shows an example. The time axis depicts the hours in EST, meaning a standard session of the underlying market would run from 9:30 (US Open) to 16:00 (US Close); but futures can be traded also in the hours outside this stretch. While activity tends to be minimal in the after-hours, it usually picks up in the pre-hours of the next day, when the EU I UK markets are up and running. Understandably, action is the heaviest around the US Open, or perhaps already one hour before if major US news is released at 8:30 EST (which is 14:30 CET) . Not seldom, the US opening hour will print some very tall and fickle bars on a 5-minute frame, which can be rather cumbersome to trade, especially with a tight stop. To cut the bars to a smaller span you can of course set up a faster time frame, say, the 2-minute, but I would recommend using a tick chart setting on account of the benefits mentioned earlier on. In any case, a faster frame always improves the visual on buildup, and will allow you to trade with a tighter technical stop as well. Cook Islands Map 2016.

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