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Condo rentals in hawaii on The major advantage to the trader is increased liquidity to route orders as well as having an order represented via another route. The disadvantage to the trader is that traders are trading against positions that are being shown via INCA, and they don’t know if they are retail orders or a Market Maker masking intentions with greater reserve than what is being shown. Although some EDATs provide access to Instinet, they are not directly executing against the order book, but rather sending the order to an Instinet representative who places the order to the order book for you. Not having utilized this method personally, I am unaware of how efficient this process is. I simply SelectNet Pref an order to INCA if they are at the price I desire, but I have never placed an order to the INCA CHAPTER 3 Tools of the Trade 41 order book. Instinet trades 24 hours a day and many wonder when the rest of the market will follow suit. When trading against an INCA order, many brokerages charge an extra fee for doing so. Condo rentals in hawaii 2016.

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