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Comayagua Travel on Of Charles Gould, for example, Conrad says in the Author’s Note that he is the Idealist-creator ofMaterial Interests, whom we must leave to his mine-from which there is no escape in this world (Note, 5). In a similar way, those gringo ghosts, probably Americanos, in the desolate Azuera are chained, even after death, to the treasure that is perhaps hidden there, so the local folk who have created this fable believe (4-6). This inaugural fable echoes the way the characters in Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale are destroyed by that root ofall evil, cupidity, and also the way the incorruptible Capataz, Nostromo, is ultimately corrupted by the silver he steals. The value of silver lies primarily in its incorruptibility, in its resistance to rust, and in its inability to combine easily with other elements, though of course it may easily be amalgamated, with mercury for instance in oldfashioned tooth fillings. Incorruptible silver can be given value when minted into coins or when, in this novel, made into those silver buttons on his costume that Nostromo fancies and that are a sign ofhis boundless vanity. He cuts them off his coat in a public scene and gives them with lighthearted generosity to his current mistress. Charles Gould too is ultimately corrupted by the silver, as he recognizes in a rare moment in the novel when his silence is penetrated by the narrative voice and his thoughts are represented in a combination of free indirect discourse and direct report. Comayagua Travel 2016.

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