Cologne Bonn Map Tourist Attractions

Cologne/Bonn Map Tourist Attractions on Always cross check your results with another calculator, just to make sure you can trust the figures presented. What to put in the interest rate box is dependent on the number of points per week you wish to project, and on the chosen percentage of risk per trade. Regardless of what bracket settings are used, a full stopout always equals 1 point (in our bracket a full winner equals 2 points) . On a I -percent risk model, 1 point equals 1 percent. So, in the interest rate box, type 3 when you want to see the results of 3 points of profit per week compounded. When using a 2-percent model, type 6 for these same 3 points per week, and so on. To check if your calculator works properly, a random example should look like this: Current principle ($ 1 0,000) ; weeks-to-grow (48); interest rate (3); The future value should read: $4 1 ,322 . Cologne/Bonn Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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