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Coamo Travel on . hon and Cervantes 299 of the democracy to come in being always in a perpetually receding future. Camacha’s prophecy differs from Derrida’s formulation, however, in irnagining not a totally equalitarian cornrnunity, a true democracy, but a spin of the wheel of fortune that will do no more than reverse the hierarchy of high and low. Then the po or will be in charge, not the proud, in a fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy that the rneek shall inherit the earth. That, however, as the dogs agree, has already happened. The wheel of fortune turns all the time in seventeenth-century Spain, and yet, as Scipio ironically observes, we are still dogs. Just whose is the speedy hand that acts with courage bold (mano ponderosa para hacerlo) is not easy to decide. Coamo Travel 2016.

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