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Cleveland Metro Map on 08:00-09 :00: EU Open. 09:00- 1 0:00 : UK Open. 1 2 :00- 1 4 :00: EU/ UK Lunch Hours. 1 5 : 30- 18:00: UK/ US overlap. 1 8 :00-20:00: US Lunch Hours. 20:00-22:00: End of US session. For the purpose of clarity, the daily sessions in the coming series are divided into three charts each (with sufficient overlap) , starting at the top of a page, ending at the bottom. Cleveland Metro Map 2016.

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The boat people were refugees fleeing the Vietnam regime, hundreds of souls crammed into small craft and heading out into the South China Sea, intent on being rescued by big ships and taken to a better world. Many merchant ships had orders to steam on by, some boat people adopted the tactic of opening the valves and starting to sink when a big ship was close, so they had to pick them up. Most ships did, but some still steamed on by. Our orders from Head Office were to avoid areas where we would be likely to encounter boat people, although if we did come across them we were to drop supplies and only stop to stop and pick them up if they were in obvious distress. We never came across any boat people while I was on the Benlawers.

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