Cities in Guatemala

Cities in Guatemala

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Cities in Guatemala on As a young man he accepted the whole Platonic philosophy the doctrine of Ideas, the immortality and transmigration of the soul, and the view of earthly knowledge as a gradual recollection of knowledge from another world. So deeply did it impress him that he could think of no better subject for his own first essay in philosophical writing than a dialogue on the immortality of the soul closely modelled on the Phaedo. The friendship between the two men was only broken by Plato’s death. If he felt compelled, as an independent thinker, to give up the mystical doctrines of the Ideas and the kinship of the soul with the things beyond, there were parts of the legacy which never left him. Fundamentally he remained on the side of Plato and Socrates, and their opponents were his. As 1 Ib., 69c. Cities in Guatemala 2016.

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