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Cincinnati Map on Over the next several years, Christian was in-and-out of various private schools, but dropped out when he reached 18. Brando continued to pay his son’s bills, buy him cars, and at one point enrolled with him in a correspondence course to earn their high school degrees together. The plan ended when neither wanted to study. Christian married childhood friend Mary McKenna, a cosmetician, in 1981, but they divorced a year later. McKenna later reported the disturbed man had threatened her mother with a gun. Working as a tree surgeon in Beverly Hills and as a welder, the 29-year-old Brando was offered the role of a hitman in a proposed 1987 Italian film, La Posta in Gioco (The Stake Is High), but the movie was never made. Two years later, trade publications reported he and drug guru Timothy Leary planned to collaborate on Trippers, LSD ’66, but that movie was not made either. Cincinnati Map 2016.

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