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Ciales Travel on 156. See Ch. Picard, Les Religions Prehelleniques (Paris, 1948). p. 271 for other examples of hero-cult attached to Mycenean graves in historical Greece. that beyond them live the one-eyed Arimaspi, beyond them the gold-guarding griffins, and beyond them again the Hyperboreans. This hardly puts the last-named in a matter-of-fact setting, and by his own admission Aristeas did not know of them from any nearer source than the Issedones, on whose word he was relying (ch. Ciales Travel 2016.

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Nonparents and parents believe that a parent’s job is more difficult than in the past because children face problems with drugs and alcohol, more sex and violence in the media and the world outside the home, and more gangs in school. The most positive views of parents effectiveness come from children. About percent of teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen say that parents are doing a good or excellent job in rearing children only percent of parents say this about themselves. These teens say parents are there for them and are affectionate. In another sample, children and teens reported that both mothers and fathers love, appreciate, and care for them and do a good job of balancing work and family, but these children’s main concern is that parents are too stressed and tired.

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