Christmas Gifts Hacks Of 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and do you know what that means? It is shopping time! Now, we understand that there are plenty of peeps out there who simply don’t have enough time to go shopping for gifts for their loved ones. But you don’t want to leave them with a Wishlist only for Christmas, right? Well, here’s some good news; we’ve compiled a list of Christmas Hacks to make this Holiday Season not only fun but also crafty for you! Try out these simple yet stunning gift ideas and watch as your friends and folks blush with joy!

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Cookie Dough Tray

You Will Need: Cookie Dough, Aluminium Tray, Ribbons, Wrapping Paper.

Cookies for Christmas are always a treat! And there is absolutely no one who is going to say no to some cookies in a cold winter night. Except if that person already got some cookies… well, they might take some anyway… If you have the perfect cookie dough recipe, make some and place them on the aluminium tray. Wrap the Aluminium tray with some wrapping paper and bind everything with some ribbons. You might want to attach a little cutie card saying, Put Me In Da Oven! Yep, your dears simply need to pop that in the oven and fresh cookies on the menu!

Candy Cane Popcorn In A Jar

You Will Need: Candy Canes, Popcorn, Marshmallows, A Jar, Fancy Ornaments or Ribbons

Christmas is incomplete without candy canes! For this gift hack, you will need some candy canes. Grab some from the aisles of the supermarket and if someone asks, “Are you going to eat all that?” just reply, “In one bite, baby!!” Crush your candy canes, and melt your marshmallows before tossing them with the popcorns. Give it a good mix and voila! Ready! Fill your adorable jars with these candy cane popcorns and decorate it in style. A delicious treat for sweethearts and sweet lovers out there!

A Bouquet Of Poinsettias In A Different Style!

You Will Need: A Bunch Of Poinsettias, Chocolates Of Your Choice With Wrappers, Brochette Sticks, Ribbons.

Hmmm… The iconic flower of the holidays! Get a good bunch of these sanguine coloured flowers and reunite them in a traditional bouquet. Start piercing your chocolates with the brochette sticks and join them in your bouquet as well. Finish everything off with some nice ribbons and little bouquet cards if you want. A perfect gift for the Holiday Seasons… the flowers and Choco combo!

The Software Gift

You Will Need: A pen drive, some cookies (for you!)

In this modern era, you might have some friends who enjoy playing games online or prefer spending their Christmas Holidays online! Well, how about you gift them somethings that are perfect for their interest? Well, you could grab a pen drive, create a folder and fill it with links of music, pictures or even top gaming websites on the internet. Magical Vegas is one of the best casino sites of the UK that proposes lots of Christmas-themed slot games like Xmas Joker Slot and Very Merry Christmas. Each offering gorgeous graphics, the player is bound to experience a Holiday ambience even if they’re on their computers! Perfect gift for adult gamers, don’t you think? Plus, the games are playable on mobile and desktop devices.

The Goodie Mug

You Will Need: A White Mug, Permanent Markers, Assortment of candies and chocolates, Christmas Tag.

Well, well, well… this one is exceptionally cute and the best part of it is that you can personalise it the way you want it to be! Like if someone prefers Snowman than Santa, you might draw a little snowman on the mug and stuff it with Candies. Go for quotes or the person’s name as well in case you’re not very artistic. Attach the tag on the mug handle and you’re good to go! Once the goodies are eaten, they’ll be left with a mug, ready to be filled with hot drinks of their choice!

Are you ready to put these cheap, cost-effective, simple and marvellous gift ideas into practice? Well, you’re going to have lots of happy faces this holiday season! Merry Christmas, reader!



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