Christianity in Jamaica

Jamaica is basically a beautiful island which was once a British colony. It got back its independence on August 6, 1962. Jamaican culture is very rich due to a blend of various cultures. Slaves from West African tribes, British and Spanish People, Syrian refugees and workers from China and India together make this culture unique. This special culture has a distinctive identity in the Caribbean islands.

Jamaica is that’s why a famous country among tourists. Its beaches, amazing sceneries and cultural music are one of a kind. Though international media frame Jamaica as a country which is full or crime and violence but its not at all true. Its people are very helpful and kind hearted. Due to its soft culture, people are very warm and friendly.

Jamaicans call themselves a Christian nation. Its national anthem is also based on a prayer to God. This national anthem is usually played in its cinemas before the films are presented. For Jamaican nation, being Christian is a pride. This is why almost all Jamaicans highly respect Jesus as their Lord. Whether, they are practicing Christians or not, they consider Christ as their eternal father. This respect and love for Christ can be clearly seen on their national events. Prayers are said at such events along with the national anthem. Unlike many other nations, Jamaicans love to express their faith in Christianity. Even in public, they don’t hesitate to talk about their faith and this quality evidently shows how much Christianity is central to their lives.

Do you know Jamaica has the largest number of churches in the world? Also, some of the most beautiful churches of the world are also situated on this island. Though like many others parts of the world, Christianity has also grew less popular among Jamaican youth but its senior citizens are still very active in church services.

A young Jamaican girl told that Christianity has declined now compared to the times of our parents and grandparents. The reason behind this decline could be new Rastafarian culture and dancehall culture that attracts youth more than churches. According to a survey conducted by jamaicandating, 85% of Jamaican youth thinks that going to church is kind of boring as compared to other activities. They want something stylish and hotter to get engaged with. That’s why there are lots of young Jamaicans who believe in Christianity but do not want to get labeled as Christians, as they think its not hip. Also going to church services and visiting church every Sunday is not trendy for most of them.

However, despite such behavior from Jamaican youth, there are also lots of youngsters who are still engaged with church. Being a proud Christian, each Jamaican home brings up their children with deep values of Christianity. The schools and offices also follow patterns of Christian culture in daily routines. Their common prayers and songs reflect their identities as Christians. In short Jamaican people are proud followers of Christian faith and they don’t shy away from practicing their faith publically. This is the reason that there is a good hope that Jamaican youth will value their identity as Christians and pass it on to the next generations.

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