Choose Your Accommodation Location Wisely For Your Travel Destination

When the time comes to blog your hotel, don’t just look at rates and amenities pay close attention to location as well. Is the hotel in an upscale residential neighborhood, a bustling business district or a seedy commercial area? Is it safe to walk around after dark? Is there a police station nearby? All of these factors can affect the likelihood of a break-in or assault during your stay. Look for information on the locality online or in a good guideblog.

Be sure that you are happy with the location of the accommodation, whether hotel, bed and breakfast, hostel, campsite, or just the general locale.

Choose Your Accommodation Location Wisely For Your Travel Destination Photo Gallery

A country road in France. Photo copyright © David A. King 2013

Also consider how you will travel to other places during your stay. Will you be able to rent a car? Or if you can’t drive on foreign roads, can you get about on public transport there? Any taxis nearby? Will the place you stay at arrange for trips out to various places?

It can be great to stay in a remote holiday village in the countryside, but if you cannot get out to go anywhere it might soon get boring. I stayed in France one time, it was great, and I enjoyed the company of the people. Several coach trips out to other places were organized so I saw other places as well, but otherwise the only way out of the holiday village was to walk along the country roads a short way. It was enjoyable and relaxing.

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