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Choluteca Travel on Of the epithet itself, he will only say that it is rather to be explained as the result of the god’s worship, we cannot now say from w hat causes, by horse-breeding peoples in northern Greece, probably Thessaly.1 One thing we can say, that if Poseidon was, as is generally agreed, a purely Hellenic god, if, that is to say, he did not originate in the peninsula of Greece but was brought there by immigrant Greek-speaking tribes, it is not likely that he was a sea-god from the start. Those who say that he is, and that the other aspects of his character were originally alien to him, tend to emphasize his Hellenic origin and the strong contrast which he presents to the gods of the original inhabitants of Greece. Yet it is unlikely that among peoples living high up in the Balkans or further north the sea and its god should occupy so outstanding a position as that of Poseidon, brother of Zeus. Wilamowitz goes on to point out (and he has the support of no less a philologist than A. Meillet) that the Greek language had originally no word for sea, corresponding to the Latin mare and its group of related words.2 Tkalassa is foreign. Choluteca Travel 2016.

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