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Chokhatauris Travel on In contrast to this, what he says of the fate of the men of the Heroic Age follows Homer exactly (161 ff.): And these too did wicked war and the dread battle-cry destroy, some at seven-gated Thebes, the land of Kadmos, fighting for the flocks of Oedipus, and some were brought in ships across the great gulf of the sea to Troy, for the sake of fair-haired Helen. There indeed the final doom of death enfolded some, but to others father Zeus the son of Kronos gave a life and a dwelling-place apart from mortals, settling them at the ends of the earth. And they live there with carefree hearts, in the Islands of the Blest beside deep-eddying Ocean, happy heroes, for whom the fertile earth bears its joyous fruit three times a year. The dead are dismissed: no more is to be heard of them. But for some a blessed life was reserved by allowing them to continue on the surface of the earth, still in the body, without dying. As Paley said long ago in his note on the passage: This refers primarily to the legend about Menelaos. Chokhatauris Travel 2016.

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