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Choco Travel on xvi of Minoan-Mycenean Religion, where Dionysos is cited as another example of the divine child to set beside the Cretan Zeus. 1 Horn. II. vi, 132, Plut. Is. et Os. xxxv, 365a (Nilsson, Min. Choco Travel 2016.

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In addition to their basic human needs, children’s individual qualities their gender, temperament, physical health affect both what parents do and the effects of parents actions on children. For example, the mother of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, commented that if she had had either child alone, she would have thought that she was either the best or the worst mother in the world. Her daughter was a quiet, adaptable, easygoing baby, happy with whatever her mother did, and her mother felt she was an excellent mother. Her son was an intense, colicky baby, and nothing his mother did seemed to make him happy in the first few months so she felt very inadequate as his mother. She was the same person with the same skills, but her behavior had a different impact on each child as a result of the child’s temperament, and her impact on the babies affected how she felt about herself as a mother.

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