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Chlef Travel on ) The sherd is now in the National Museum at Copenhagen. Its place of origin is unknown, but Nilsson describes it as black-glaze of good Attic workmanship, and adds that although an exact dating is difficult it appears to be not later than the first half of the fourth century and possibly as early as the fifth. (Gesch. Gr. Rel. i, 758, cf. Gr. Chlef Travel 2016.

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For evolutionary reasons, human beings are reluctant to interfere with the procreational rights of any person, no matter how immature, incompetent, or unsocialized he or she might be. In consequence human beings tend not to think about the rights of a child to a reasonable opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Lykken would require prospective parents to get a license, just as adults have to do to drive a car or operate a truck. Similar to the requirements for adoptive parents, a parenting license would require proof of legal age, marriage, employment or economic independence, and no history of violent criminal behavior. If parenting courses were available, a certificate of completion would be required as well.

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